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Frontline Chickens

“We initially used Kolat bricks for the construction of our Chicken houses and the external compound wall. We are just extending the number of chicken houses and are again using the bricks as they allow for speedy construction. We have also built a 600m2 feed mill warehouse using a brick and a concrete frame design. The 3-storey warehouse looks very impressive and has received many positive comments from visitors. We have found Kolat to be very responsive to our requirements. They deliver a quality product on time at a good price.”

David Kamara - CEO


Chicken Town

“Kolat Bricks were specified by our architect during the design phase of our first restaurant. The bricks have become an integral part of our brand design and we will be using them on all our future restaurants. The bricks are painted white which really shows off their unique style. We have had many compliments and enquiries from customers about the bricks. Kolat are a professional outfit who produce a quality product and we thoroughly recommend them.”

Zemzem Ali – Managing Director

Chicken Town.png

Rogbere School of Excellence

“Rogbere School consists of both a Junior and Secondary School for approximately 300 students.Both school buildings plus an adjacent orphanage and all ancillary buildings have been constructed entirely of Kolat bricks.

Funding has just been received for the construction of additional classrooms, science block, computer lab, separate library and boundary wall for the school plus an independent living unit for the older orphans, all of which will be built entirely of Kolat bricks.

We use Kolat because they are a locally company who produce a quality product for a fair price. Using these interlocking bricks speeds up the construction work which leads to cost savings and efficiency which is important to a charity funded organisation such as ourselves.”

Mr Saffa Morie – Head Master

rogbere school.jpg

7th Adventist Hospital Waterloo

Our Hospital facility in Waterloo was recently extended using Kolat bricks. The additional facilities consist of the Main Auditorium, a Staff Dormitory, a Warehouse, a Physiotherapy Unit and the Doctors Accommodation Block. We also build a compound wall from the bricks.

We found that Kolat were extremely responsive to our needs and we always had good communication with Mr Koroma who was a pleasure to deal with. They always delivered on time and without any issues. Kolat bricks are very versatile. Using this building system saved us time and overall saved us money. We are very pleased with the finished works and would recommend anyone to consider using Kolat bricks on their next project."

Mr Joseph Fobie - Hospital Manager


Victorus Homes

“We have used Kolat bricks on our Gloucester housing development which has save us time and money compared with the standard blocks. The units have attracted a lot of interest from potential buyers and received many compliments. Kolat have always delivered their quality products on time with no problems. We are just starting the 2nd phase of 39 units and will again be using Kolat bricks.”


Mr Victor John

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