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Kolat Brick Company is a Limited company producing low cost, high strength, hydraulically compressed, interlocking clay bricks in Sierra Leone, and providing best practice guidance for utilising our products in a wide range of building projects. 

We have been producing quality building products since 2008 at our production facility within the Rogbere community near 4-Mile Junction at Newton.

Having recently been through a complete reorganisation and rebranding process we now trade under the name of The Kolat Brick Company. 

We have a team of dedicated professionals managing the growth and development of The Kolat Company who put quality, reliability and customer service at the forefront of our business offering.

The bricks we manufacture are dry-stacked without the need for mortar which saves time and saves money. This proven construction system, developed by Hydraform, has been used across Africa for the last 30 years on a wide variety of building types from single storey residential dwellings to multi-storey commercial buildings.

Using KOLAT BRICKS on your project will SAVE you TIME and SAVE you MONEY…

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Who We Are

For further information please call or email 

 +232 (0) 74 244 803


The name KOLAT is Krio for ‘Cool Heart’ which literally means ‘Peace of Mind’.


We endeavour to bring peace of mind to our customers by producing a quality product delivered on time and to order.


Kolat Brick Company is positioning itself to be a major supplier of a low-cost solution to the construction needs of the country.


Our mission is to provide an affordable, durable, versatile and quality products, delivered to our customers on time, that can be utilised in the complete range of construction projects.




At the heart of our mission lies social impact as we seek to stimulate and sustain the local economy by generating employment opportunities and economic development, within the remote Rogbere community and support the charitable works of A Call To Business Foundation.

Each person we employ will support their household in a rural area where employment opportunities are scarce.

As of September 2020 we employ 75 people within the businesses and by the end of 2021 we aim to more than double that figure providing meaningful full time employment for people within the Rogbere community and beyond.

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Mission Statement



Irish NGO called Emmaus purchased 63 acres of land in the community of Rogbere off 4-mile junction near Newton in June of this year with a plan to build a junior school, lodgings and skills centre.


Original Brick making business was started by Emmaus who were donated the original Hydraform M7M1 hydraulic brick-making machine as they were building a junior school and skills centre within the Rogbere Community. The original curing yard and production shed were constructed, and bricks were produced using locally sourced clay soil.


The bricks were sold on a commercial basis to raise funds for the charitable foundation whilst also being used to construct an orphanage, a secondary school and further buildings on the Rogbere site


Emmaus fully handed over responsibility for supporting the Schools and Orphanage to ‘A Call to Business Foundation’. A further 5-10 acres of land were identified and purchased to allow for the extension of the yard and production shed.


The decision was made to grow the brick making business into a more commercial entity to bring income and employment to the community and support the costs of running the schools and orphanage. The ACTB Foundation invested in a new Hydraform M7M1 Super machine and extended the size of the production shed and yard. The number of bricks produced was increased for sale in the wider Freetown market and the business started to supply some larger projects.


It was decided that the business required further investment and development to become a truly commercial business.

  • Business plan was drawn up and investment attracted.

  • New management team was appointed.

  • Business structure overhauled and a strategic vision put in place for growth and development.

  • Complete rebranding process completed.

  • Business now trading under the name of The Kolat Brick Company.

  • Production and curing yard extended by 200%

  • All-weather production shed, plus clay and sand stores constructed.

  • New bore hole dug for an independent source of water.

  • New Hydraform M7M3 machine purchased

  • 2 existing machines totally refurbished with authentic Hydraform parts

  • Potential production now in excess of 5000 bricks per shift.

  • Acquisition of new delivery lorry with a hyab to allow transport by pallet.

  • Tipper truck purchased.

  • Existing tractor refurbished.

  • Generator acquired to power yard activities.

  • Sales Office is being constructed near Jui Junction.

  • Dedicated Sales team engaged to spear head sales and marketing.

Kolat History


A Call To Business Foundation is the charity that manages and supports the schools and orphanage at Rogbere. The school provides 1st class education for nearly 300 students all of whom are fed every day. The orphanage cares for over 30 disabled children with full time care. All the businesses involved with the Foundation tithe money to the on-going support and development of the school and orphanage plus providing employment opportunities and economic stimulus within the community.


Truestone is a major investor in The Kolat Brick Company and has been heavily involved in the restructuring of the business. 


Truestone structures equity and debt investment opportunities for both private and institutional investors to provide capital for high growth companies operating in hard-to-access frontier markets such as Sierra Leone in West Africa.


The Truestone management team are involved in the management and strategic development of Kolat Bricks in achieving its mission of becoming a major supplier of a low-cost solution to the construction needs of the country.


Truestone have been at the heart of supporting the remote Rogbere community for over 10 years and the development and growth of The Kolat Brick Company will contribute to that goal.

Other companies in Sierra Leone in which Truestone has an interest:

ACTB Foundation
Truestone Impact Investment
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